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Keys to Success with Credible Home Inspections

Communication – This is the key to keeping our clients happy, and obtaining more orders for you! We will ask you for updates on late work in order to keep our clients up to date and confident in our work. We use email and the Crew app to keep in contact with you regularly – be sure to check your email on a regular basis for important communications from us!

Meeting Deadlines – Our goal is always 100% on time- but we understand that life happens. Prompt communication with us when you run into obstacles will enable us to work with you and your situation, and keep our clients happy. While we do not penalize for late work, your volume may be reduced if orders are continually late, so it is important to work ahead and plan your routes efficiently. The better your on-time rate, the more work we can send to you!

Vendor/Contractor Requirements

Aspengrove is the industry standard for inspector background checks required by banks and mortgage companies. All vendors and contractors must provide a valid Aspengrove record in order to contract with Credible Home Inspections. If you don’t already have this, you may obtain directly from Aspengrove, or submit your request through our site and we will process for you. This record is yours forever but does require annual renewal.

Necessary tools include a reliable vehicle, smartphone, volt stick and a set of HUD keys.

You may purchase a volt stick and keys on your own, or through our site.

Onboarding – Three simple steps!

  1. Registration – Submit your registration form via our site at

  2. Required documents – Submit required documents via Contractor Portal on our site. You will need to submit form W9, direct deposit information, and our Non-Disclosure agreement. Once these items are complete, you will receive a customized Service Agreement to submit for your coverage area.

  3. Welcome email – Once you have received this, we are ready to start sending you available work. It is important that you contact us to advise that YOU are ready to start receiving work. This communication will also contain your log-in information for the inspection app.


Pay schedule. Credible Home Inspections provides payment on a Net 30/45 pay schedule. Example: Orders completed between the 1st and the 15th of January will be paid by February 15th. Orders completed between the 16th and 31st of January will be paid by February 28th. You will be provided with a pay calendar for the year so you can plan accordingly.

Reports. A report will be provided to you when your payment is processed. You may also pull this report in Inspectorade.

Follow-ups – If an order is in follow-up status at the end of the pay period, it will not be paid until follow-up work has been completed.

Support Team

Owner – Jason Yanesh has been in the Mortgage Field Inspection Industry since 2012 and available to assist at any time.  Jason Yanesh – via email at

Office Manager – Lauren Milota – with experience in the industry since 2015, Lauren is your first point of contact for inspection support. She manages everything from inspector support, routing, client support, recruitment, and much more. You can reach her at:

Payroll Manager – Starting in 2007, Ericka manages our payroll for Credible Home Inspections. Contact her via email at:

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